We Offer Tree Planting To Solve Problems

From the launch of this project we aim to find solutions to different problems by planting trees

"Our mission here at EcoPrint is to create a better world for our present and future by making efforts to involve people online from all over the world to the solution of Azerbaijan's environmental and socio-economic problems by doing not other than just planting trees."

Rustam Hasanli - CEO

Tree Information Tags

Our advantage is that we not only finish our work by planting trees, but also take care of them and info tag to them.

What About Our Income?

Some of our income goes to workers, some to the cost of trees and some to ourselves.

Recycled Certificates

After planting process completed we present certificates made from recycled paper.


You Can See Planted Trees And
The Messages Of The Tree Owner

Environmental terror of Armenia against Azerbaijan

1Beginning Of Occupation
During 1988-93, as a result of the military aggression of Armenia, 1.7 million hectares of the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan were occupied. It had 260,000 hectares of forest area, 54,000 hectares of forest were destroyed by the occupiers during the Armenian occupation.
The area of specially protected natural areas in our republic is 890,000 hectares, of which 42,997 hectares have been under the occupation of the Armenian occupiers until 2020
● 2 reserves - Basitchay State Nature Reserve
● Garagol State Nature Reserve
● 4 reserves - Arazboyu State Nature Reserve
● Lachin State Nature Reserve
● Gubadli State Nature Reserve
● Dashalti State Nature Reserve.

Situation in liberated areas

There are 247,352 hectares of forest area in the liberated regions, including 13,197.5 hectares of valuable forest area, 152 natural monuments and 5 geological objects. More than 460 species of wild trees and shrubs grow in these areas where 70 of them are endemic: Black-faced, embarrassed, Araz oak, lilac, Oriental plane, ordinary pomegranate, forest grape, etc., are about to be destroyed and disappeared from our treasury eco-culture. Aghdam:6 pieces from years 150-250. Shelley, Seyidli: 8 pieces of years 200-250. Around Boyahmedli village 71 units reaching the age of 400 are protected as a natural monument, yet severely were severely destroyed.

7 Species Of Endemic Plants

Are found only in Nagorno-Karabakh region.

  • 1
    Karabakh tulip
  • 2
    Karabakh gulaveri
  • 3
    Zangilan gevani
  • 4
    Sagsagan gulkhatmisi
  • 5
    Shusha valesi
  • 6
    Shusha khasha
  • 7
    Shusha gevani

Now our mission is to flourish the Nagorno-Karabakh region and take it to the golden times of it once again.

Let's all be one! Let's restore the forests of our Karabakh! We call on everyone to take part in this glorious work and help us in the restoration of Karabakh forests!


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Choose The Package To Solve Problem

Social Oriented

In this package tree plants on following places: Schools, hospitals, universities, parks, children's yards, etc. greenery of surrounding areas


Soil Protector

In this package tree plants on following places: Erosion-prone, flood-prone, sloping zones, as well as potential river flood zones


Water regulator

In this package tree plants on following places: In areas with high swamp



In this package tree plants on following places: In areas where desertification has occurred (writing off the desertification of feasibility studies)



We're only as strong and as knowledgeable as our team. So here are the men and women which help this company run


Matanat Musayeva

Head of Innovation and Technology Transfer Department


Aytan İmanova

Expert on environmental impact assessment


Rustam Hasanli



Eltac Cabiyev

Business Expert


Aytan Mammadova



Solve problems by trees

By being real eco friendly by planting trees we managed to achieve the solutions of 4 main problems we have focused on

  • Socio-economic problems
  • Natural disasters (Landslides)
  • Desertification
  • Poor agriculture

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